2. Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

LOTUS HARVESTEC have matching capabilities in offering EPC Solutions to our clients in the field of post-harvest management of grains. LOTUS HARVESTEC will carry out the detailed engineering design of the grain storage silos complex, execute the civil construction, procure all the equipment and systems necessary, and then install and commission to deliver a functioning facility to our clients.
The Grain storage silos project can be divided into following major heads & LOTUS can provide complete EPC Lump Sum Turnkey (LSTK) for all these packages:

2.1.1 Topographic surveying – contouring and area planning
2.1.2 Civil Structure Design & Engineering for foundation / other civil works for Steel Silos, Loading and extraction tunnel, ancillary buildings etc.
2.1.3 MS structure works various buildings i.e. Unloading Wagon Station, Intake pit, related tunnel and Covering shed. Ware House and Empty Bag storage, Process tower with cleaner etc.
2.1.4 Civil Works for Roads and parking
2.1.5 Engineering and civil construction works for Railway Siding
2.1.6 Civil works for Rain Harvest & drainage system
2.1.7 Civil Works for Electrical sub-station and switch yard

2.2.1 Steel Silos
2.2.2 Material handling systems from unloading to storage to dispatch as per process requirement.
2.2.3 Other Electrical and Mechanical systems and equipment

2.3.1 Arranging trails of all plant and machineries within the Silo complex (covered under the contract) i.e. steel silos, mechanical and electrical equipment / systems
2.3.2 Performance Validation against designed parameters and safety provisions – Initiate corrective action with relevant supplier / contractor
2.3.3 Assist in finding suitable facility Manager & facility management team
2.3.4 Handing over all documents and giving basic guidelines about the project to facility manager
2.3.5 Deputing experience and technical manpower during commissioning and pre-defined trails / process standardization period
2.3.6 Preparation and finalization of STANDARD OPERATION PROCEDURE (SOP) for Silo Complex including all systems and equipment
2.3.7 Finalization & Standardization of MIS, Reports and formats
2.3.8 Monitoring Energy bills during trial period and recommending optimum operation parameters
2.3.9 Ensuring good engineering practices and safety procedures are being followed.

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