3. Other Value Added Services

End to End One Stop Solution from Conceptualization to Operations and Management

3.1.1 Feasibility studies & detailed Project Report (DRP)
3.1.2 Pre-bid engineering with bid evaluation services
3.1.3 Conceptual Process and Plant & Machinery design
3.1.4 Energy & utilities sizing – Renewable Energy source integration
3.1.5 Estimating detailed project costs meticulously, project activities & deliverables, along with associated project risks
3.1.6 Estimating pre-operation and operational cost to work out bidding price
3.1.7 Financial Modeling including Project IRR and Equity IRR by incorporating various schemes and subsidies under Government schemes like VGF, Non-VGF, Private etc.

3.2.1 Finalization of process flow diagram based on the facility under operation
3.2.2 Process Audit including preparation of non-compliance report (NCR) against Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
3.2.3 Implementation of corrective and preventive actions
3.2.4 Setting up of Quality assurance plan for Silos Complex
3.2.5 Energy Audit & utilities sizing – Renewable Energy source integration
3.2.6 Skilled manpower sourcing for silo complex

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